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TINY BABY - Joan of Arc from Jennifer Reeder on Vimeo.

The lyrics of TINY BABY seem to be about processing
memories and specifically difficult ones. There is some implied trauma and accountability in the recollections that made me think about two early videos by Vito Acconci (1949-2017) as a reference for the images. This is a kind of horror story in the shape of a lullaby.

Directed by: Jennifer Reeder
Director of Photography: Christopher Rejano
Editor: Felix Piniero
TINY BABY: written and performed by Joan of Arc, 2018

Swimming in There, 2010
Melina Ausikaitis

Joan of Arc - Two-Toothed Troll (official video) from Jess Price on Vimeo.

Joan of Arc - Two-Toothed Troll (official video) 2016
Shot on July 3rd and 4th in Chicago. All fireworks are natural accidents.
By Jess Price and Bobby Burg . Edited by Jess, directed by Bobby.

Footage taken from the 'Almost' Live session at Joyful Noise Indianapolis headquarters on January 24, 2017.

Topeka Fugue, 2016

Joan of Arc music video for Never Wintersbone You.

Created by Todd Mattei
and Melina Ausikaitis 2017

Directed by John Maloof 2017