Melina Ausikaitis is an artist and musician from Chicago. She has exhibited and performed all over the country and traveled the world playing in her band Joan of Arc.  She is as much a inventor/historian as an artist.  Intent is often the most compelling aspect of her drawings, sculptures, and clothing.   Ausikaitis’s work is an empathetic gesture, allowing us to substitute her process of self-discovery on behalf of our own half-buried formative memories.

Regards, Chicago


Rocked and Rolled Illlinois State Museum- Lockport Gallery

LTDWear4 LVL3 Gallery Chicago

Lula Cafe June 18 - August 18, 2019

Devening Projects, September, 2019


Aitis Band           Joan of Arc



Spin Magazine 2018

Chicago Reader 2016

Chicago Reader 2010

New City 2007

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