Artist in Residence Ace Hotel Chicago
Teenwolf in Room 418 2018

Melina Ausikaitis for opening of Dymaxion Trajectories at Soccer Club Club.
Curated by Andrew Rafacz and Jeremy Bolen.
Chicago, IL. February.

Featherproof Book presents: Zachary Schomburg and Melina Ausikaitis. Rainbo Club.
Chicago, IL. September

Melina Ausikaitis for Regards, at Gallery Weekend Chicago:Expanded (Mana Contemporary)
Chicago, IL. March

Long Distance Dedication: The Fall of Asclepius 4581
Regards, Chicago, IL. February

Aitis Music Cassette Release: Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL. February

Melina Ausikaitis: The Learning Machine, Chicago, IL. October

Melina Ausikaitis for Judith Kirchner: Regards, Chicago, IL. October

Melina Ausikaitis: Comfort Station, Chicago, IL. April

Melina Ausikaitis: featuring Hubbard Street dancers Jonathan Frederickson and
Jonny McMillan. Hideout, Chicago, IL. March

Wet; Bed Sheet Cinema: Afterglowings, Chicago, IL. June

Melina Ausikaitis: Singleman Affair’s Orpheatric Variety Show, Chicago, IL. April

Melina Ausikaitis: Three Walls, Chicago, IL. May

Melina Ausikaitis and Tina Turner: Crimson Glow Event, Chicago, IL. January

Melina Ausikaitis Solo Show: Julius Caesar Gallery, Chicago, IL. May


Joan of Arc: (Chicago Indie Rock Band) 2010 to Present
Joan of Arc

Dymaxion Trajectories: curated by Andrew Rafacz and Jeremy Bollen. Soccer Club Club. Chicago, IL. February.


Regards presents: Melina Ausikaitis, Devin Mays, and Matthew Metzger at NADA Miami. Miami, FL. December.

10X10 2017: live performance, print, and recording collaboration with Homeroom Chicago, Experimental Sound Studio, and Spudnik Press. Chicago, IL. September.

Joan of Arc presents: "Joan of Arc". Art Institute of Chicago. August

Running Splash: Melina Ausikaitis and Joe Cassan. Lula Cafe, Chicago, IL. April

Reducing the Tempo to Zero: LAMPO performance - Ben Vida’s long-form composition for four vocalists and electronics. Graham Foundation, Chicago, IL. June

JOA20: Joan of Arc’s 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition, Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL. June

Cage Unrequited: Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. November

Monday Me: Art Exhibition Organized by Kristen Van Deventer, Soccer Club Club.
Chicago, IL. September

Notes on Empty Chairs (part 2) group performance curated by Kirsten Leenars: Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. April

Joan of Arc Residency: The Hideout Chicago, IL. March

Yes Remixed: An Evening of Responsive Movements and Interventions (Latham Zearfoss) Threewalls Gallery, Chicago, IL. March

Direct Object/Direct Action (live with Acre TV): Threewalls Gallery, Chicago, IL. February

Improv-Synth Night: curated by Dan Bitney (Tortoise). collaboration with Selina Trepp and Matt Jencik. Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL. January

Threesome: collaboration with Selina Trepp and Katherine Trimble. Constellation, Chicago, IL. December

Melina Ausikaitis at Waiting for the Train by Selina Trepp, Comfort Station Performance Chicago, IL. September

Music and Words, Words and Body, Body and Music: Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. July

These are People: Hubbard Street Performance. UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL. June

Helter Skelter with JOA: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL. August

For the Wandered: choreographed by Jonathan Fredrickson with stage design by Melina Ausikaitis for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago Danc(e)volve: New Works Festival. Chicago, IL. June

Faculty Exhibition: Harper College, Palatine, IL. January

Forum 400: Gallery 400, Chicago, IL. November

Almost Legal 17: Midway Art Fair, Chicago, IL. April

Art Chicago: UIC Art and Design Booth: Chicago, IL, April


Psst- Shhh: Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL, February
Video Arena Video Screening: Los Angeles, CA, June

The Library: Oakland, CA, May

Next, Art Chicago: Chicago, IL, April

Rainbo Club: Chicago, IL, January

Chicago Artist Group Show: Lasso Gallery, Chicago, IL, October

Concerning Tomorrow: Harold Arts, Chicago, IL, September

We’re Rollin’, They’re Hatin’: Versionfest, Chicago, IL, April

The Very Young: Art Forum Ute Barth, Zurich, Switzerland, August

The Illinois Committee for the National Museum of Women in the Arts: Gage Gallery Chicago, IL. December

Living at the End: The Mansion, Chicago, IL. November

The New Chicagoans: Select Media Festival, Chicago, IL. October

Fake Your Own Death: Valentine’s, Portland, OR. October

Map: Art Fiend Foundation, New York, NY. September

12X12: Wood Street Gallery, Chicago, IL. June

Lumpenthology: Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL. April

Rituals: The Mansion, Chicago, IL. February

City Selections: Chicago Tourism Center, Chicago, IL. January

Utopias: Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL, October

3 Coasts Textile Show: Hotcakes Gallery; Milwaukee, WI, June

Cake White Palace: Texas Ballroom; Chicago, IL, February

When Darkness Falls: Gallery 400; Chicago, IL/Midway Gallery; Milwaukee, WI, October

Don't Fail Me Now: TBA Exhibition Space; Chicago, IL, October

Doom, Counter Doom: Bucket Rider Gallery; Chicago, IL, September

The Stray Show: Bucket Rider Gallery; Chicago, IL, May

The Way Out is the Way: Bucket Rider Gallery; Chicago, IL, October

Division Street: Open End Gallery, Chicago, IL. September

Whippersnapper III: Vedanta Gallery, Chicago, IL. July

Hoof and Mouth: Can Gallery, Chicago, IL. June

Instant Happiness: Can Gallery, Chicago, IL. March


Art Curator: Lula Cafe, April, 2017 to present.
Art Curator: Rainbo Club, Chicago, IL. 2006 to 2018.


Owen: The King of Whys 2016
Joan of Arc: Oh Brother 2011
Aloha: Some Echoes 2006
Euphone: V 2005
Pit er Pat: Babies Are Tired 2004
Aloha: Here Comes Everyone 2004


Acre (Artists’ Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions) Steuben, WI. Summer 2015

Chicago High School for the Arts. 2014 and 2015