Melina is an artist, a dedicated musician and lyricist, a skilled seamstress, a spoken word performer, curator and playful image- and object-maker.  She has exhibited and performed all over the country and traveled the world playing in her bands Joan of Arc and Aitis Band.  She is as much an inventor as an artist, and as much a librarian as a songwriter. This is an artist who incorporates so many interchanging and overlapping dimensions that it’s as if she’s created her very own genre.  

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Melina Ausikaitis and Pope.L
October 28 - November 7, 2020

Devening Projects, Everyday Everyday
September 9 - October 12, 2019

Rocked and Rolled Illinois State Museum- Lockport Gallery

Aitis Band           Joan of Arc


Art Viewer 2019
Everyday Everyday, Devening Projects

Chicago Crowd Surfer 2019

Ten questions from Lauren Edwards for 
Melina Ausikaitis regarding her exhibition
Long Distance Dedication: The Fall of Asclepius 4581

Spin Magazine 2018

10x10 2017

Chicago Reader 2016

Chicago Reader 2010

New City 2007

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